How to reinstall Local by Flywheel on MacOS

As you may know, Local by Flywheel is a very useful tool for the ones that want to create WordPress websites on their local computers (at least, this is its first purpose).

The idea for this article appeared when I got stuck with the same problem for the second time while trying to remove this program from my laptop and install it from scratch. This is the second time I had this little issue and I don’t want to be any third time. And that’s the reason why I’m writing this article and maybe it will help some other users too.

VirtualBox gets installed too when using Local by Flywheel. Basically, a virtual machine is created to host all the WordPress websites. Now, when you want to remove everything for good, there are two steps that need to be taken:

  1. open VirtualBox and remove the machine;
  2. download the VirtualBox package as you would install it and run the VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool script;
  3. move Local by Flywheel to the trash.

This second step is the one that needs to be done instead of just moving VirtualBox to the trash. If you don’t do this when trying to install back the Local by Flywheel, it will get stuck and you won’t know why is this happening. Well, it seems that if that script isn’t used, VirtualBox is not actually removed. I won’t go into more details.

Long story short, this is the right way to uninstall Local by Flywheel and make sure that you’ll be able to install it back at some point.

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